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Spread, Slice, Train and Treat, this Gourmet Pate is a delectable and nutritious treat that will delight even the most discerning canine palates. 

Made in Britain with the finest, high-quality ingredients, our gourmet pate is specially crafted to provide a luxurious dining experience for your furry friend as well as ensures that your pup receives the best possible nourishment.

Cooked to perfection to create a smooth and savoury texture that will make your dog drool with anticipation, our pate is ideal for cutting up into bite size pieces for training and for spreading into enrichment toys, such as Kongs!


Suitable for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages.


Each pate weighs about 200g.

100% Gourmet Meat Pate

PriceFrom £2.99
VAT Included

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