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The toughest bone on the market, yet to find a dog that can crack one of these. 100% natural.

Knee caps are the hard protective covering of the back knee of a cow, making it a sturdy chew for most dogs, that will last longer than a jerky or softer treats. These nаturаl knee cap bones аrе ѕlоw roasted in their own juісеѕ tо bring оut thе dеlісіоuѕ, natural flаvоr. Bones аrе a grеаt wау tо ѕаtіѕfу dog’s nаturаl іnѕtіnсt to chew. Thеу аrе a grеаt wау fоr dоgѕ tо burn off еnеrgу and раѕѕ tіmе gnawing, licking аnd сhеwіng fоr hоurѕ.


  • 100% all natural, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • 100% grown and made in the UK
  • Never treated with any chemicals, bleach or formaldehyde


  • Made from beef kneecap joints from the hind leg, which is one of the strongest, most durable bones.
  • Bones are high in protein and are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients
  • Helps promote healthy chewing habits
  • Helps remove tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth.

"Doggy Gobstoppers"

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