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  • PROMOTES SUPPLE AND MOBILE JOINTS - Helps to maintain healthy supple joints and is ideal for older dogs and larger breeds which are prone to joint problems
  • SUITABLE FOR ADULT DOGS - This tasty once a day bite will help keep your dog happy, on the move and enjoying their walkies for many years
  • DIRECTIONS - Feed daily, complements all dog diets (90 Tablets)
  • B Complex - Promotes a shiny coat, guards against nervousness, promotes fitness and vitality & releases energy to muscles
  • GLUCOSAMINE WITH FISH OIL - Maintain healthy, flexible and supple joints & promotes a healthy circulation
  • PREVENTATIVE CARE IS THE BEST CARE - Sign up to subscribe and save to gain peace of mind that your pets health is covered
  • EXPAND YOUR DOGS HEALTH REGIME - For the slightly older dog try our High Strength tablets to help them ease into their golden years


Daily Recommendations:
5 - 21kg (11 - 46lbs): 0.5 Tablet
22 - 33kg (48 - 72lbs): 1 Tablet
34 - 46kg (73 - 101lbs): 1.5 Tablets
46kg+ (101lbs): 2 Tablets

Flexible Joint Tablets

PriceFrom £4.99
VAT Included

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