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Dogs love chewing, let alone chewing a bone. A treat in the form of a bone is love for dogs, regardless of age, breed and size. This is why we present this James & Steel Salt Free Ham Bone which is an ideal treat for any dog who loves munching on treats. Like the name says, this natural and healthy dog treat has zero elements of salt.

This Mediterranean natural ham bone is naturally dried to preserve all its nutritional value and meaty flavour. Laced with natural juices, this ham bone dog treat will give immense pleasure to your dog. It will help your dog remove stuck food particles from its teeth. Chewing on this healthy dog snack will also strengthen your dogs teeth and reduce tartar build-up.

With a high nutritional value, this protein-rich dog treat improves the fur and skin condition of dogs. This 100% pork treat is perfect to feed your dog while its chilling in the backyard after a hard training or play session.

Since this treat contains a bone, it is advised to supervise your dog because the bone may splinter.

Ham Bone

VAT Included

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