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A Harringtons puppy is a naturally happy and healthy puppy.

Harringtons' new wet puppy food has loads of natural ingredients that provide all the wholesome nutrients and goodness to meet the needs of your growing puppy. Made with 70% freshly prepared chicken, with salmon oil as a natural source of omega 3 to aid in your pup’s cognitive development. No nasties. No surprises. Just natural, wholesome goodness.

Just like their adult wet dog food range, Harringtons use their unique FreshCook® method to gently cook our wet puppy food. Our meat's so good, it's graded for humans. We freshly prepare it, cook it gently to lock in nutrition and flavour, then add vitamins and minerals. It's a nutritionally balanced meal for happy, healthy dogs, free from grain, dairy, soya, added wheat, artificial flavours and colours.

Harringtons Puppy 380g

VAT Included

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